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Thyng for iOS and Android is here! Thyng is an easy to use Augmented Reality authoring app that brings the world around you to life by allowing you to create your own Augmented Reality experiences on any surface! The Thyng Augmented Reality app now includes the power of ARKit and ARCore, so you can easily build your own Augmented Reality worlds and watch them take shape around you by adding 3D Objects, adding your own photos, and even adding your own videos. You can walk around your worlds and experience them in real space, seeing your own photos and videos like you never have before! It’s a mind blowing Augmented Reality experience that you’ve got to see to believe!

Add Objects.

Add Photos.

Add Videos.

Download Thyng for iOS & Android Today!

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Thyng 4.5 with the Thyng Store for iOS and Android is Here!

Check out this amazing demo video with incredible new experiences from the Thyng Store


Thyng 4.5 with the Thyng Store for iOS and Android includes the power of ARKit and ARCore, and has an amazing set of AR features, including support for full 3D animations, transparent photos and videos that provide fantastic effects, the ability to create a Thyng account and login to access your own “My Thyngs”, the ability for businesses to create their own Thyng Channels for publishing and distributing their products to be experienced in AR Worlds, and interactive AR objects that can launch web pages when double tapped, including social media pages and ecommerce pages! Read more about the Thyng Store here. All of these great new features are available now by downloading Thyng 4.5 from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

Thyng Store

Side-by-side Demo

Santa Dance Party

Deer Crossing

The Danceoff

Gingerbread House


My Channels

My Thyngs

Interactive AR Objects

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Thyng on Google Play

Introducing ThyngIt!

Tools to help your business

Get ready to enter the world of AR! ThyngIt is a groundbreaking suite of six services that allows consumers and businesses to bring themselves and their products into Augmented Reality. ThyngIt works directly with the Thyng app, allowing users to easily bring their content – including 3D Objects, photos, and videos – into Thyng AR, make that content interactive, and share it with the world. All you have to do is ThyngIt!

Learn more about each of the six components of ThyngIt below, or click here for more information on ThyngIt

Watch the ThyngIt Video

Thyng Introduces a New Way to do AR – Called Thyng>surfaces

Watch these amazing videos of Thyng>surfaces.


Thyng Introduces a whole new way to create and experience Augmented Reality on any surface – we call it Thyng>surfaces, it’s powered by ARKit, and it’s truly amazing. Add 3D objects along with your own photos and videos to create amazing AR worlds that come to life in the space around you before your very eyes. Watch these cool videos to see some incredible examples!

Watch Party

The Keynote

Human Checkers

Human Frogger


“Watch You Must”

Game Day

App Store
Thyng on Google Play

Add Fun New Objects with Thyng Every Day

Add these latest objects to the world around you in AR!


Download the Thyng 4.5 app to see the latest fun new objects being added every day that you can put into the world around you! Create worlds right next to you with people, products, characters, animals, plants, cars, photos, videos, and even money! Here are some of the new fun items that we’ve just added to the app – get ready to see them right next to you!



Popcorn Bowl



Popcorn Bowl

Robo K9



Mac 128K





Popcorn Bowl


Popcorn Bowl


$100 Bill

Waterfall Video

Palm Tree

App Store
Thyng on Google Play

Thyng is the First AR app to Support Both Surface AR and Target AR

With Thyng>surfaces and Thyng>targets, you can bring any Surface or Product to Life.


Thyng is unique in its support for both surface-based AR and target-based AR. Surface-based AR allows virtual items like photos, videos, and 3D objects to be placed onto any surface in the real world, like a table, a counter top, or a floor. Target-based AR provides the ability to scan a specific product, logo, or image to trigger a Thyng Augmented Reality experience overlaid onto the real-world item. For example, a cereal box can be scanned, resulting in a “Buy Now” button being displayed that allows a consumer to actually purchase the product.

Thyng>targets Bring Any Product, Logo, or Image to Life

Simply Point, Scan and Watch!

Thyng>targets bring the world around you to life by activating any product, logo, or image to display an amazing Augmented Reality experience. Simply view any activated product through your phone or tablet and instantly watch it come to life, displaying an interactive AR experience directly on the product itself.




Different Ways to Thyng

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a start-up, we have a solution for you!



Sports Highlights



Beauty Tips

Thyng Partner Projects

Work with us.

Thyng can work with your brand to create amazing AR experiences. With our unique combination of Surface-based and Target-based AR, we can develop incredible concepts for any market. We can also package our technology into private label solutions. Contact us for additional information.

Navy Pier
Harley Davidson
Illinois Office of Tourism
Governor Quinn

Download and Bring AnyTHYNG to Life!

Point Your Phone at the Images Below and Watch them Come to Life! 

Governor Pat Quinn’s Official Portrait

Rice Krispies

Graham Crackers

Michigan Ave Mag – Art of the City




Harley Davidson