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The Thyng Store allows Thyng users to discover the latest incredible AR experiences, that they can then put into their own AR words! From putting the Eiffel Tower and Empire State Building into your living room, to watching an astronaut walk across your desk and plant a flag, to seeing a football player make a diving catch on your kitchen table, to putting the entire solar system in your back yard – all of these and more are available for both iOS and Android within the Thyng 4.5 app featuring the new Thyng Store!

Within the new Thyng Store, users can find amazing and delightful experiences that unleash the wonder of AR on everyday iOS and Android devices. The Thyng Store is seamlessly integrated within the Thyng app, allowing users to easily discover the latest incredible AR experiences.

In addition to providing a wonderland of experiences for consumers, the Thyng Store also creates a new type of platform for brands and artists to distribute and promote their products in an entirely new way. Brands and artists can use the Thyng app as a platform to (1) create and distribute engaging AR experiences around their products and content, (2) provide experiences that drive calls to action and deliver rewards, and (3) drive ecommerce sales by linking AR versions of products to ecommerce pages for those products.

Get these great packs on the Thyng Store by downloading the Thyng app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!


20 football items, including players throwing and catching a pass

World Landmarks

45 landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower and Buckingham Palace

Amazing Stunts

10 amazing stunts, including a backflip and climbing a skyscraper

Outer Space

15 outer space items, including an animated solar system and a walking astronaut

Dynamic Dinosaurs

10 animated dinosaurs, including a T-Rex and a Triceratops


18 anatomy objects, including a skeleton and a beating heart

Zoo Animals

11 animated zoo animals, including an elephant and a giraffe

Sports Stadiums

10 stadiums, including Soldier Field and the Rose Bowl


10 animated birds, including a sparrow and an eagle

Fun Foods

27 fun foods, including a chocolate donut and popcorn


24 fruits, including a yummy apple and a juicy tangerine

Sea Creatures

14 sea creatures, including a sea turtle and a seahorse


14 vegetables, including a delicious tomato and a crispy carrot

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