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Welcome to Thyng.

Thyng for iOS and Android is here! Thyng is an easy to use Augmented Reality authoring app that brings the world around you to life by allowing you to create your own Augmented Reality experiences on any surface! The Thyng Augmented Reality app now includes the power of ARKit and ARCore, so you can easily build your own Augmented Reality worlds and watch them take shape around you by adding 3D Objects, adding your own photos, and even adding your own videos. You can walk around your worlds and experience them in real space, seeing your own photos and videos like you never have before! Download the Thyng app to experience Augmented Reality like you’ve never seen it before!

Meet the team

Ed Lahood

Evan Derman

Vince Wloch

Harold Merrell

Rick Rossen

Mervyn Sharaf

Lance Russ

Peter Peric

Ben Wachtel

Max Bruch

Brady Glantz

Ben Crabtree

Sammy Stern

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