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My Thyngs

MyThyngs allows you to upload your own objects to the Thyng app for experiencing within your AR Worlds. Once uploaded, your Objects will appear in your MyThyngs channel when you are logged into the Thyng app. From within the My Thyngs channel you can simply tap on your objects to add them to your AR Worlds! You can use MyThyngs to upload five types of items to the Thyng app: (1) 3D Models, (2) Photos, (3) Transparent Photos, (4) Videos, and (5) Transparent Videos. Details are included below on the types of files you can upload for each item type. For each item that you submit, please enter your username and the email address associated with your Thyng account in the form below and you will receive an email notification when your object is available within the Thyng app. Also please select the Item Type from the drop down menu below, and optionally you can enter the URL of a web page that will be displayed when this item is double tapped within an AR world. Your item will be live on the Thyng app within one business day. Here are details on the types of files you can upload for each item type:

3D Models

3D models can be submitted in obj file format. Please submit one 3D model at a time. For each 3D model, please submit one obj file, one mtl file, and any texture files that are to be applied to the model (jpg, png, etc.) in the area provided below. All of the files for a single 3D model can be submitted at the same time in the form below. Please make sure that your obj and mtl files contain all of your model information (i.e. if there are textures, please make sure that the mtl file properly references the texture for each mesh, and that the obj file contains uv coordinates for the textures).


Photos can be submitted in png or jpg file format. Please submit one photo at a time.

Transparent Photos

Transparent Photos can be submitted in png file format with a transparent alpha channel. Please submit one transparent photo at a time.


Videos up to 10 seconds can be submitted in mp4 file format. Please submit one video at a time.

Transparent Videos

Transparent Videos up to 10 seconds can be submitted in mov file format with an alpha channel, or mov and mp4 file formats with a Chroma Key background. Please submit one transparent video at a time.

Sample Thyngs


K9 Statue



Mac 128k

Select and Upload files


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