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AR Authoring App Developer Thyng Launches "ThyngIt" – New Suite of Services Allows Consumers and Businesses to Bring Themselves and Their Products into Augmented Reality

From fun photos to viral videos, from school projects to retail products, from scanning yourself and your friends to importing furniture and equipment, ThyngIt allows consumers and businesses to easily bring their content into AR, make it interactive, and share it with the world. All you have to do is ThyngIt!

Chicago, Jan. 24, 2018 -- Thyng LLC announces the launch of ThyngIt, a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive AR platform that allows consumers and businesses to bring their content – including 3D objects, photos, and videos – into Augmented Reality, make that content interactive, and then share it with the world.

Building on Thyng's October 2017 release of what quickly became the leading AR Authoring App for iOS and Android devices, the ThyngIt suite of services delivers six new features that will help accelerate AR into the mainstream: MyThyngs, ThyngChannels, ThyngTargets, ThyngLinks, ThyngMe and ThyngProducts.

#1 MyThyngs - Add your own 3D and 2D objects to Thyng

Every Thyng user now has a private area called MyThyngs into which they can import their own 3D objects, photos, and videos by visiting Whether it’s family photos and videos, or 3D scans of friends, toys, and even pets, users can create amazing AR experiences by combining their own content with the wide range of objects available in the Thyng library.

#2 ThyngChannels – Share your products with the world

Within the Thyng app, individuals and businesses can now create their own public and private ThyngChannels to share and distribute their products to the world for experiencing in AR. Businesses can use this new feature to share and promote all kinds of products, including consumer packaged goods, clothing, footwear, furniture, equipment, appliances, fixtures, toys and artwork. Individuals can use Channels to publish and share their photos, videos, artistic creations and favorite products. Thyng users can create their own Channels by visiting If a ThyngChannel is marked as private, only specific users can access, view and use the Channel's objects. Private ThyngChannels are a great solution for users who would like to use the Thyng app to share AR models and experiences with specific friends, employees or customers.

#3 ThyngTargets – Bring your own physical items to life

ThyngTargets allow you to bring real-world items to life when they are scanned with the Thyng app while in Targets mode. With ThyngTargets, you can associate your target items with any AR media experience, including photos, videos, 3D objects and even animations. When a Target is scanned with the Thyng app, the media experience appears directly on the Target as if it were attached to the Target itself. You can bring your products, photos, signs, and even your company logo to life with AR interactivity. Users can create their own ThyngTargets by visiting

#4 ThyngLinks – Connect your AR objects to web pages, social media, and ecommerce

ThyngLinks allow you to assign interactivity to any object in the Thyng AR Platform. With ThyngLinks, users can tap on any object within an AR World to display a web page defined specifically for that object. Web pages are overlaid on top of the AR world itself so that the user is kept in the context of the AR scene. Objects within an AR world can link out to informational pages that explain more detail about that object, to social media pages that allow users to follow that item on social media, and to ecommerce pages that allow users to purchase the item. ThyngLinks work with all Thyng object types and services, including 3D Objects, photos, videos, MyThyngs, ThyngChannels, and ThyngTargets.

#5 ThyngMe – Bring yourself into AR

Have you ever wanted to bring yourself or your friends into AR? Well now you can with ThyngMe! ThyngMe allows you to create high quality photorealistic 3D Scans of yourself and your friends, and then bring them into Thyng AR for experiencing anywhere in the world. Once your ThyngMe scan is complete, it will be available in the MyThyngs section of your Thyng App, so that you can place it on any surface in the world and then size and position yourself as you see fit. With ThyngMe, you can create amazing AR experiences by combining yourself with the wide range of objects available in the Thyng library. ThyngMe scans can also be done for children and pets, bringing the entire family into AR. To learn more about ThyngMe scans, visit

#6 ThyngProducts – Bring your products into AR

With ThyngProducts, businesses can have their product portfolio scanned in 3D for use in Thyng AR worlds, or for use within a custom-built, white-label AR app. For any product line – including books, magazines, toys, consumer packaged goods, sports equipment, furniture, appliances and more – businesses can bring their products into Thyng AR and then let users experience and interact with those products in the world around them. Once ThyngProducts scans are completed, they can appear within the MyThyngs section of a corporate account within the Thyng app, or they can be published within ThyngChannels for sharing with the world, with specific friends or with specific customers. To find out more about ThyngProducts, visit

ThyngIt Provides a Platform for Consumers and Businesses to Rapidly Enter the World of AR

The unique combination of services provided by ThyngIt creates a platform where both consumers and businesses can rapidly enter the world of Augmented Reality, using the Thyng app to experience, distribute and promote their 3D and 2D content within an unlimited number of end users’ Augmented Reality worlds, as well as driving social media engagement and ecommerce directly from within those Augmented Reality environments that users create.

"We’re thrilled to be able to introduce ThyngIt as a way for both consumers and businesses to quickly and easily enter the world of AR," said Ed LaHood, CEO of Thyng. "With the addition of these six amazing features that all work together, we feel that the Thyng app now delivers an incredible platform for both consumers and businesses to experience and utilize the power of AR in entirely new ways."

Learn More About ThyngIt

The ThyngIt suite of services integrates tightly with the Thyng app, the leading AR Authoring App for iOS and Android devices. The combination of features available in ThyngIt takes advantage of the cloud-based nature of the Thyng AR platform, allowing consumers and businesses to bring their 3D and 2D content into the Thyng platform, and then have it be available on any device in the world running the Thyng app.

Additional information and demonstration videos for the ThyngIt suite of services are available at ThyngIt is optimized for the just-released version 4.2 of the Thyng app, which is powered by ARKit and is available on the iOS 11 App Store. Thyng 3.2, with support for target-based AR, is available on the Google Play store. A version of Thyng 4.2 for Android devices, with support for Google’s ARCore technology, is under development.

About Thyng

Thyng LLC, based in Chicago, was founded in 2014 by Ed LaHood with the vision of making augmented reality available to everyone as a medium for self-expression and communication. ThyngIt helps make that vision a reality by providing a suite of services for both consumers and business to rapidly enter the world of AR. Thyng is venture funded by G2T3V LLC, Tribal Ventures LLC, Lakewest Venture Partners, XVVC LLC, and the Kane Family Trust.