The world’s leading augmented reality app, Thyng, announced the launch of major additions to its platform, headlined by the release of the Thyng Store. With the new Thyng Store, users can find amazing and delightful experiences that unleash the wonder of augmented reality on everyday iOS and Android devices. In addition, the Thyng Store also creates a new type of platform for brands and artists to distribute and promote their products in an entirely new way.

Brands can utilize Thyng and the Thyng Store as a platform to:

1. Create and distribute engaging 3D augmented reality experiences around the brand’s products and/or services.
2. Deliver experiences that drive a call-to-action and/or rewards, including following brands on social media and delivering coupons for new products or services.
3. Drive e-commerce sales by linking augmented reality models of products to web-based e-commerce pages for those products.

Artists can also use Thyng as a platform to:
1. Showcase their work – Users can now place art in their homes through Thyng’s augmented reality technology.
2. Sell digital copies of their work through the Thyng Store – Customers can use Thyng to create amazing and engaging experiences with their collections.
3. Sell physical pieces of art by linking e-commerce pages featuring your digital artwork for sale.

“We’re excited to provide a platform that allows everyone to place and experience augmented reality objects within the world around them,” said Ed LaHood, CEO of Thyng. “With Thyng 4.5 and the new Thyng Store, we’re able to extend that platform, enabling consumers to discover and create even more amazing new experiences within AR, and providing a new type of marketplace for brands and artists to distribute their products and content.”

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